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Yudagawa Onsen, Senso, Yudagawa


13 Yutagawa, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture

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Tsuruoka station, take the bus at Yudagawa Onsen Line and get off at Yudagawa Onsen.It is a 30-minute walk.
  • When using a car


    There is a parking lot, but there is a height limit.Also, since only 13 cars can be parked, if you can not park, please understand that you will be using a joint parking lot at the Yudagawa Onsen Entrance to Yudagawa Onsen Entrance.
  • Access

    ▪ ️ highway·General road
    ·About 3 hours from Niigata (general road)

    ·About 3 hours from Akita (general road)

    ·About 1 hour 40 minutes from Yamagata exit Tsuruoka IC

    ·About 2 hours and 10 minutes from Sendai (highway) Exit Tsuruoka IC

    ️ ️ Shinkansen·Limited express
    ·Tokyo → Joetsu Shinkansen(2 hours)→Niigata → Hanetsu main line(Limited Express Inaho)(2 hours)→Tsuruoka

    ·Tokyo → Yamagata bullet train(3 hours 30 minutes)→Shinjo, A

    ·Yamagata → Yamagata bullet train(45 minutes)→Shinjo → Rukuishi Line(45 minutes fast)→Surplus → Uemoshimoto main line → Tsuruoka

    ▪ ️ Airplane(All Nippon Airways)
    ·Tokyo, Haneda airport → Shonai airport (1 hour) → 30 minutes by car to the hotel

    ▪ High speed bus
    ·Yamagata → Tsuruoka(About 2 hours)

    ·Sendai → Tsuruoka(About 3 hours)