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  • ※Facility data time etc may change, please check directly with the facility.
  • The Dream House of Jellies (Kamo Aquarium)

    The only aquarium in Yamagata prefecture.

    The biggest highlight is the largest jellyfish tank in the world, 5 m.

    Besides, the number of jellyfish exhibition types (over 50 types) is the world's most proud, and it is certified as Guinness by the number of exhibits.

    Furthermore, it is packed with pleasure, including feeding of sea lions and popular kids 'sea lion' s show.

    There are also restaurants where you can eat healthy dishes using jellyfish as a material, especially jellyfish ramen and jellyfish ice.

    Opening hours, 9: 00-17: 00(Summer vacation period, 9: 00-18: 00, Last entry, 30 minutes before closing)

    closing day, 7 days a week
  • Tsuruoka Park

    Tsuruoka Park is a castle park that spreads over the ruins of Tsurugaoka Castle, which once flourished as the residence of the Shonai Clan and Sakai Clan lords. It is also known as Yamagata Prefecture's only cherry blossom spot.

    Shuhei Fujisawa Memorial Hall is surrounded by rich nature in Tsuruoka Park.

    Familiar with Fujisawa Literature, you can enjoy works while touching the rich nature and historical culture of Tsuruoka and Shonai.
  • Shuhei Fujisawa Memorial Hall

    Shuhei Fujisawa Memorial Hall

    4-6 Baba Town, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, TEL: 0235-29-1880

    Admission hours: 9: 00-16: 30

    Closed: Wednesday (next weekday in case of holiday) New Year's Holiday
  • Zenpoji Temple

    Ryutakusan Zenpoji Temple is a great prayer dojo that has many devotees in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku and other nations as a temple of the sea, and Ryujin sama.

    The magnificent Ryuo-den such as the mountain gate, the five-storied pagoda and the Ryuo-den show a history of 1200 years of faith.

    There are a number of valuable buildings, such as a five-story pagoda in the temple, in the behind, there is a Kaibami Pond reportedly a Ryujin of the corner house, has an air of mysterious atmosphere in the deep green.

    Contact us, TEL: 0235-33-3303
  • Tsuruoka City Oyama District

    Oyama District is a 15-minute drive from Downtown Tsuruoka City.

    There are many events throughout the year.

    Oyama Park, once home of Oyama Park Oyama Castle, is known as a famous place for cherry blossoms, and a cherry blossom festival is held in spring.

    Under the park, there are Ramsar Convention registered wetlands, Kamiike and Shimoike, and migratory birds, fresh greenery, autumn leaves, snow scenes and beautiful scenery spread every season.

    In June, the Oyama Dog Festival is held, one of the three major festivals in Shonai. It is famous for its gorgeous “Karaguri Float” that are said to have started around the festival bends.

    Shonai district there are 18 brewery stores, but four of them are in Oyama.We continue to protect the long history of sake brewing boasting its high quality.
  • Dewa Sanzan Shrine

    Mt Haguro is located in the center of Dewa Sanzan Mountains, which has a history of over 1400 years.

    At the top of the mountain is the Sanjin Sanjin Gosaiden, which enshrines the three gods of Mt Gassan, Mt Yudono, and Mt Haguro.

    There is a national treasure, a five-storied pagoda and Basho’s Poem Monument approach road with 2,446 stone steps and cedar trees.

    Michelin Green Guide Japon was rated three stars (best) for the cedar trees and two stars for the five-storied pagoda, the Sanjin Gosaiden, and the Saikan.

    ※You can also drive by car to the top of the mountain.

    Contact us, TEL: 0235-62-2355

    Ideha Culture Memorial Hall, TEL: 0235-62-4727